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About CJ Gross

Christopher “CJ” Gross is a TEDx Speaker and the founder of Ascension Worldwide, a firm dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity training and consulting based in the Washington, D.C. area. CJ has 19-years of experience as an international organizational development consultant specializing in leadership development and Diversity and Inclusion. CJ is a certified Social + Emotional Intelligence coach, trainer, Keirsey Temperament professional, Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator, and executive coach, with additional expertise in organizational mediation. 

“The passion and energy CJ brought to our summit was amazing. I loved his story about finding your voice. His presentation will always stay with me.”

Rose Donaldson, SHRM Inclusion 2019

About CJ’s Book

What’s Your Zip Code Story shedding light on class division. This book offers solutions to class bias in the workplace by analyzing real experiences, social norms, education, wealth, and more.

The renewed focus on class, race, and equality in the workplace and beyond is making an indelible mark on society. This clarion call for change is sweeping inequality from every corner of the nation, including law enforcement, schools, and businesses. Within the past five years, diversity and inclusion as well as unconscious bias, have been the main drivers of organizational training, politics, and community engagement. 


CJ is available for media interviews, keynote presentations, group coaching, retreats and strategy sessions.

About CJ's Podcast

Watch and listen as CJ Gross interviews guests who share diverse thoughts and ideas about solving inclusion challenges. Learn from leading CEOs, bestselling authors, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Ascension Worldwide

Ascension Worldwide provides an array of services, including talent management, leadership development, diversity, inclusion & equity consulting, strategic planning, process improvement, and other business management services.



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